Max Droege, whose windsurfing career started within the Keiki Kids team, gets better and better in the newschool freestyle discipline. He decided to start at the PWA Worldcup final on Sylt and proofed his great level. We asked him about his motivation for the near future to compete in the world best fleet again. Read more and watch the great video in the end, which got produced by his fellow countryman Leon Jamaer in Denmark at Kegnaes.

Max with massive airtime.

C7: The name Max Droege is already known for a pretty long time in the freestyle scene, but you did not enter any PWA freestyle competition until this year´s Sylt competition. Why?

Max Droege: In the last 2 years I just had my focus more on school and I couldn’t travel that much during the summer time. Beside that, I think, that you should do the complete tour or you don’t compete on the PWA. It doesn’t make so much sense to do just one event, because you aren’t really used to the judging and your seeding is in most cases really bad. To sail the whole tour is a big and expensive step!

Max on a portrait.


C7: How was it for you and did it end up how you expected?

Max Droege: I finished 17th on Sylt, so it’s ok for me. The Wind was really light and I prefer when the wind is stronger, so the result is ok for the light wind.


C7: How is your level compared to the top guys and what do you miss to be in the top?

Max Droege: I sailed a lot in waves during the last months, so I just have to train more freestyle and do the difficult moves in bad conditions, too. I think this is the difference, because Steven pulled Culos and normal stance Konos even in this light wind against me in my heat.


C7: Will you compete in more PWA freestyle events next year and what is your plan for 2011?

Max Droege: I don’t really know, if I will compete in more events. First I want to spend the winter time in Cape Town and then I will plan my season 2011.

Max in action in waves.


C7: You already changed your sponsors quite often in your freestyle career. Last year we saw you on NP/JP. Why ended this cooperation again? And who are your sponsors now?

Max Droege: Yeah this is a good question. I never liked it when people changed their sponsors that often, but after Starboard and Severne could’t get any stuff here for Germany, I had to search for a new sponsor. I just got a really bad deal at JP/NP and this deal won’t get better for the next year. Beside this financial problem I couldn’t identify with these brands and so I decided to look for sponsors who I really know. I want to be proud of my sponsors feel comfortable with my stuff. So I’m using now Windflüchter Surfboards and Hotsails. I can develop my own board with the shaper in Rostock and it is really exciting to be part of the production.

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