“Marc Paré – the involuntary Danish” is a documentary by West Coast Visuals exploring Marc’s life at his new home spot – Klitmoller supported by Fanatic and Duotone Windsurfing. Marc, who grew up in Catalonia, Spain, now lives part of the year in Denmark, where big storms hit the coast from time to time. It’s a perfect place for a world class wave rider, who is looking for a lot of variety in conditions. The video gives an inside view on Marc’s actual life and shows his incredible windsurfing skills.

In 2020 professional windsurfer Marc Paré escaped the Spanish lockdown by following his heart – which led him to the small fishing village Klitmøller on the west coast of Denmark. The plan was to stay for a short while, but weeks turned into months, and now – over a year later – Paré has fallen in love with both the village of Klitmøller, the nordic conditions and the Danish lifestyle. In this video we have tried to capture both Paré’s incredible skills on the water, as well as his newfound love for the Danish way of life. Markus Rydberg  from West Coast Visuals

Marc Paré – the involuntary Danish: a documentary about the Spaniard, who lives now at Denmark’s west coast

Produced by Markus Rydberg / West Coast Visuals