Marc Paré is just 18 years of age and does not even live at the sea side. He has to drive one hour and a bit to his best home spot Pals. If the conditions are on you will meet Marc in Pals. It looks like he takes it really serious this year. He was ranked 26th in PWA waves in 2015 and will give it all to climb up in the rankings. Honestly it looks like as Marc will have a good chance to battle for the podium in a few years.

Marc Paré: “The video features action from the last 3 sessions I scored at home at the spot of Pals. I sailed from side-on light wind conditions with 87 liters and 4,7m  to side-off with super strong winds with 78 liters and 3,4m. I really like to sail waves at home as it doesn’t happen very often, but I have to admit that it is one of the hardest places I have sailed as the wind is really gusty and the direction changes a lot. It is super hard to get good ramps as there’s chop all over the place. The wave competition season will start in two months and I can’t wait to be back on the Canaries.”

filmed by: Joan Paré


Marc Paré windsurfs in waves at Pals, Catalonia, Spain