Danish wave sailor Mads Bjorna (38) released a little clip with good wave sailing action called “The beauty of a good windsurf day”:  

Mads Bjorna: “It is not always about the conditions. There are other important things, like the light in Scandinavia during the summer. It’s possible to sail until 11 pm. And the water and air are warm compared to spring or autumn.”

“My plan on that day was to sail at Middles. It’s the place we sail most of the time, but the big grass area in Middles was totally packed with 1000 cars. I was not able to find any parking spot and when the car park is like that, imagine how the water is. So I decided to drive to Fish Factory and it was the right decision. I had a super nice session with 10 people on the water, just awesome. And it was a very nice day at The Fish Factory in Hanstholm.”

Danish wave sailor Mads Bjorna with wave sailing action in Denmark