A storm hit The Netherlands in January 2021 and Maaike Huvermann had big expecations. She drove to Brouwersdam and braved the elements. The freestyle windsurfing pro landed radical moves like Burners, Skopus, Culos, but had to accept the extreme power of the winter storm. She crashed a few moves really hard, but enjoyed the session a lot. Great show Maaike!!

Maaike: FINALLY! We had a big storm hitting The Netherlands for the first time in a few months! The wind was forecasted to be 25 to 35 knots, but it turned out to be a lot windier than that! We were all stacked on the 3.6m trying to hold on to moves. But it mostly resulted in uncontrolled takeoffs to no space. Felt great to be out on the water, can’t wait for more soon!

Storm Chase freestyle windsurfing action from Brouwersdam with Maaike Huvermann – Video