Lucas Meldrum travelled from the UK to Tenerife this summer, after the first lockdown on the Canaries. The trade winds were on and in addition a few swells hit Tenerife’s east side. A few riders, mainly locals and Medano residents, enjoyed the classic El Cabezo conditions: Maria Morales Navarro, Dieter van der Eyken, Jochen Stolz, Laurin Schmuth, Lucas Meldrum, Jannik & Julian Salmonn, Valter Scotto, Bartek Jankowski and Aaron Leonhard. 

Lucas Meldrum collected some cool action shots at Tenerife’s most popular wave windsurfing spot El Cabezo. He edited a nice action video with some Q&A about El Cabezo in between. Watch a great and entertaining video feat. a lot of different riders.

El Cabezo, Tenerife 2020 – Between The Lines Episode 11 about a no contest summer by Lucas Meldrum