The PWA Tenerife World Cup 2018 is over. Victor Fernandez and Iballa Moreno are the winners of the event.

Today was the final day of the competition. In the men’s double elimination Victor Fernandez was able to hold off Jaeger Stone, who came from place 4. Jaeger defeated Philip Köster and afterwards he won against Ricardo Campello and Adam Lewis.

The women’s double elimination could not be completed due to lack of wind and waves.

Result MEN
1. Victor Fernandez
2. Jaeger Stone
3. Adam Lewis
4. Ricardo Campello
5. Philip Köster
6. Marcilio Browne
7. Jules Denel
7. Omar Sanchez
9. Marc Pare
9. Leon Jamaer
9. Dieter van der Eyken
9. Robby Swift

Result WOMEN
1. Iballa Moreno
2. Sarah-Quita Offringa
3. Daida Moreno
4. Justyna Sniady
5. Lina Erpenstein
6. Steffi Wahl
7. Arrianne Aukes
7. Ulrike Hölzl
9. Caterina Stenta
9. Nicole Bandini
9. Birgit Rieger
9. Maaike Huvermann


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