Hexagone Windsurf released a great event video about the Leucate Freestyle Contest, which took place at the end of October. There were excellent wind conditions and excellent riders. Mélanie Garin got out of her van and said: “We got up in the morning, it was 8 degrees but we fully attacked.” It was very cold during the contest but the level was high and also the youngest riders showed great moves. “It was a big day on the water,  … with some rain … but it was really cool”, said Julien Taboulet. 

Hexagone Windsurf took over the French freestyle tour from Julien Mas this autumn and will organize the French freestyle events in the future. The event in Leucate was their first event!! Well done! And Christallén produced an excellent video about the contest.

“In 2018, a new wave of French freestyle made its appearance, with “Hexagone Windsurf”, which clearly shows its ambition to become a solid tour for 2019.” Sébastien Fournier, organizer

Words of the winners

Mathis Mollard (1st junior) “We had a super cool weekend, with friends and big sessions. That’s what we love in windsurfing!”
Salomé Fournier (2nd women) : “It’s always a pleasure to sail with girlfriends and to meet new ones. It was all in all a super contest. See you in 2019 with HexaGirls!”
Sam Esteve (1st men) : “It’s a pleasure to compete at my home spot and to see so many kids ripping even at 8 degrees. And I am more than happy to see, that freestyle windsurfing will get a push again in France. 2019 will be a big year with incredible new events.”


The event film about the 2018 Leucate Freestyle Contest 2018, produced by Christallén

Results Hexagone Windsurf Freestyle Contest La Franqui, Leucate 2018

1. Sam Esteve
2. Lukas Schill
3. Mathis Mollard (Junior)
4. Xavier Frelin
5. Nascimo Fournier (Junior), Jordan Ema-Otu, Teddy Fatet, Loic Viandier
9. Jordan Ema-Otu, Nil Bacon (Junior), Elian Mollard, Jonathan Mourgues
13. Clément Auger, Mathieu Fontaine (Junior), David Krief, Paul Hilfiger
17. Loic Baillette, Julian Malol (Junior), Clément Deletrain, Louis Fontaine (Junior)
21. Sébastien Fournier

1. Sandra Schill (GER)(Junior)
2. Salomé Fournier (Junior)
3. Anaïs Gignoux (Junior)
4. Julia Quenon
5. Mélanie Garin

1. Mathis Mollard
2. Nascimo Fournier
3. Nil Bacon

Youths U21 
1. Lukas Schill (GER)
2. Elian Mollard
3. Loic Baillette