German wave rider Leon Jamaer took the train to Sylt a couple of weeks ago in January. He windsurfed powerful waves on a harsh, grey winter day. At the end of his session he paid tribute to a nasty shore break wave.  David Strüning captured the short clip, which shows the silence and power of a winter storm at the North Sea.

Leon: “I got up around 5am that morning and took the train from Kiel. It takes a while but it’s by far the cheapest way to reach Sylt and this is how I went sailing when I didn’t have drivers license, too. I sailed the same beach that we sail during the PWA event only that the water was pushing all the way into the promenade this time. The current was so strong that once the wind dropped below 30 knots I had no chance of getting out again. Ah jeah, that black hole in the end completely swallowed me! Not that comfortable with 5 degree water and 5 degree air.”