Lena Erdil, professional windsurfer and actually training in an Olympic campaign, took on the extreme challenge of windsurf foiling around the island of Lanzarote on her iQFOiL set. During 9.5 hours, she sailed 203KM and because of it 507.5kg of Ocean bound trash were collected. 

Huge swell, no wind, crashing and getting tangled up in fishing nets, 45-knot gusts that almost brought me to the breaking point. The challenge was certainly a lot harder than I expected. I was expecting the rounding to be extremely physically and mentally challenging due to the sheer length, but that I would fight the elements while foiling in the most extreme conditions of my foiling career was far beyond any expectation. I knew I couldn’t give up at any point as I had the opportunity of saving more than 500kg of trash from going to the Ocean if I managed to complete the rounding. Lena Erdil about her adventure

Lanzarote Foil Challenge – Lena Erdil rounds the island in 9h 30 minutes and collects 507 kg of trash – a documentary by Tom Deburchgrave

Produced by Tom Deburchgrave

Additional footage by Sibotk Creative Studio, Guillermo Cervera, Kai-Nicolas Steimer