Max Robinson is the head coach of the Toronto Windsurfing Club at Lake Ontario. Lake Ontario is one of the 5 great lakes in North America, the easternmost and the smallest. During one of the recent strong autumn winds from north western direction Max and his crew drove a bit north to a smaller lake called Lake Simcoe. Beaverton – the village and beach is located on the eastern shore of the lake- is the perfect freestyle spot and it’s really great to see that the freestyle windsurfing scene is alive in the area of Toronto, Canada!!! We will keep an eye on you guys. The short clip is from late September.

Max Robinson: “Sandy Bottom” is a short clip about a session at Beaverton, on Lake Simcoe. It is just north of Lake OntarioOntario with some of the Toronto Windsurfing Club youth crew. Beaverton is an amazing place to train freestyle windsurfing with its waist deep water in the majority of the sailing area.


Sandy Bottom – a freestyle windsurfing session at Beaverton, Lake Simcoe featuring Max Robinson