Kai Lenny participated in the 2022 IWT Aloha Classic, the final of the IWT wave tour. Kai Lenny, the super versatile waterman, who can win in many disciplines had a big goal. This is the event he always wanted to win – the Aloha Classic. Current PWA World Champion Marcilio Browne won the event. Camille Juban made it in second place and Kai managed to make it on the remaining podium spot.

Since I was I kid I have always wanted to win the Aloha Classic. For my entire lifetime this was the event that decided the world champion for Windsurfing. Growing up sailing Hookipa, my home spot, it would mean the world to be on the top of the podium. These are the heats that took me to the final to go for it all! Huge thanks to the IWT and everyone who made this event possible.Kai Lenny about the Aloha Classic 2022

Waterman Kai Lenny about the 2022 Aloha Classic – Video

Filmed by Marc Chambers, Jace Panebianco