French extroverted freestyle windsurfer and WindMeet founder Julien Mas (FRA-07) released his latest video project by so rad le mag  “Pièces De Vie” aka “Pieces Of Life” (sounds so much better in French Julien added). Julien, the 26 year-old freestyler from the French Alps, who developed a live scoring system with friends and his family, created a cool style in the tow-in discipline and had excellent results at national and international freestyle or tow-in events (13th overall on the PWA tour with an 11th place on Fuerteventura) realized that it is hard to make a living out of windsurfing and that he forgot about many things in life due to the fact that he was so much focused on his favourite sport. “I realized that there is not much in this sport. Windsurfing is the best sport in the whole galaxy, but you can’t make a living out of it. I don’t have much, so it’s always a bit tricky, but I am making the most out of it to deliver some cool clips.” 

Julien is in a way a revolutionist in windsurfing and is able to push hard to change things. Let’s see, what his next ideas are. And we are sure we will see him on the starting list at the next Freestyle World Cup.


So Rad Le Mag about “Pieces Of Life”: “In Between Brazil and Bonaire, we got a chance to check on Julien Mas, pro-freestyler living at the bottom of the French Alps, near Grenoble. Yet this clip is not about him only, it’s about doing something different in a world where every second a new clip is launched on the web, yet it seems like it’s always the same stuff going on and on… This is what this movie is all about. And to be honest, we don’t even know if we love it or if we hate it, wich makes us adore it!!!!” 


Julien Mas talks in “Pieces of Life” about his thoughts about professional windsurfing

Filmed & edited: So Rad Le Mag