Marcilio Browne and Levi Siver win the 2013 titles at Ho’okipa

The words  from a very happy 2013 Aloha Classic winner, Levi Siver:“I don’t know what to say, I’m lost for words and I’m humbled and I’m so thankful to all you guys. I look out to this crowd and there’s a lot of friends who are happy for me and that just makes everything so much better. Thanks everybody. Aloha!”  

Marcilio “Brawzinho” Browne after claiming the 2013 PWA Wave Overall title: “It’s my childhood dream, it’s what I’ve been working towards for my whole life and it’s finally come true, it’s unbelievable. It’s been a long week and as much as you try to think about it, it’s always there in the back of your mind, and now that it’s actually over and it’s done, it’s not a load off my back but I can relax. The last few days have been very tense for me. The first wave I went down in the first heat my legs were shaking, I’m not gonna lie, I’m just happy it worked out, had faith and got the job done.” 


The video of the final action in the double elimination of the 2013 JP Aloha Classic



The 9th day at Ho’okipa in the 2013 JP PWA Aloha Classic was probably the most exciting one. It was about winning the 2013 PWA overall wave world title and about the prestigious Aloha Classic title win.

It was a tough and tricky competition on this Friday. The swell was definitely there, but the wind went up and down and got accelerated or stopped by rain squalls. Big clouds got pushed over Ho’okipa and the wind conditions completely changed within a few minutes.

In the first heat of the day, it was all about the overall PWA title. Title contender Marcilio Browne was on fire, sailed great and advanced in the next round together with Josh Angulo, who showed great wave selection. They both know Ho’okipa very well. Spaniard Alex Mussolini, who already won the Aloha Classic 2005 was not able to keep up with Brawzinho and lost the direct fight for the title. In the next heat, Marcilio continued with powerful sailing nailing perfect Takas and Goiters off the lip and sent Josh Angulo back to the beach, who finished the event in 6th overall.

In the next heat, it seems that Marcilio lost a  bit of his concentration and young Maui local Morgan Noireaux took advantage of that. He impressed everyone with a brilliant wave ride with Aerials off the lip and advanced to the next heat. Unfortunately he injured his ankle during a hard landing and was not able to continue like he wanted. He tried it against 17 year-old hot shot Bernd Roediger, but had to give up. Bernd advanced straight and sailed a great heat against Kauli Seadi with perfect Takas and Goiters in critical sections of the break. Just great to watch. Bernd defeated Kauli, who just returned from a 5 month long boattrip with a lot of SUP and kitesurfing. Bernd, Ho’okipa’s sensation, who won twice the AWT event at Ho’okipa, made it into the final of the double elimination. At this moment he needed to win twice against Levi to secure his first PWA Aloha Classic title in his young career.


The Winners’ Final

Levi faced Bernd, who was looking for a record equaling third victory at Ho’okipa at the age of just seventeen. However, Roediger will have to wait a little longer before making that a reality after Siver gave a master class in wave selection, and execution, in light winds and tricky waves. Siver’s wave of the heat consisted of a big gouging top turn, straight into a trademark aerial, before adding two more vertical hacks to earn 8.38 points from the judges. Roediger knew that he needed to go big, but after a monumental effort against Seadi, he couldn’t quite replicate the same level of performance, which soon resulted in a clearly delighted Siver being revealed as the 2013 JP Aloha Classic Champion.  



  1.  Levi Siver
  2. Bernd Roediger
  3. Kauli Seadi
  4. Morgan Noireaux
  5. Marcilio Browne
  6. Josh Angulo
  7. Alex Mussolini
  8. Robby Swift
  9. Graham Ezzy Kevin Pritchard


2013 PWA Wave Overall Ranking

  1. Marcilio Browne
  2. Alex Mussolini
  3. Victor Fernandez
  4. Thomas Traversa
  5. Ricardo Campello
  6. Philip Köster
  7. Jules Denel
  8. John Skye
  9. Leon Jamaer
  10. Klaas Voget