Levi Siver managed to defend his first place from the Single Elimination and won the 2013 JP Aloha Classic PWA World Cup in front of Bernd Roediger, Kauli Seadi and Morgan Noireaux. The 3 videos below show the live recording of the Double Elimination.

We wrote down the time codes of the final heats, to make it easier to jump to certain heats or highlight scenes.



  1. Levi Siver
  2. Bernd Roediger
  3. Kauli Seadi
  4. Morgan Noireaux
  5. Marcilio Browne
  6. Josh Angulo
  7. Alex Mussolini
  8. Robby Swift
  9. Graham Ezzy Kevin Pritchard


The videos below show the live recording of the Double Elimination.


Speaker: Kai Katchadourian, Jace Panebianco

Spot: Ho’okipa/ Maui/ Hawaii



Friday Live Recording  including the final (check out the detailed time codes for the whole recording below the video)


Action time codes Double Final heats

Heat 28: Josh Angulo vs. Alex Mussolini vs Marcilio Browne vs Robby Swift, very light wind conditions, non planing, heat for the 2013 PWA title 

00:18:00 Heat Start

00:19:05 Wave Ride Mussolini

00:20:00 Wave plus big one handed Aerial Ride Josh

00:20:40 Long Wave Ride 6 foot set plus Goiter (Taka) Marcilio

00:20:43 Solid Wave Ride Robby just behind Marcilio

00:25:15 Wave Ride Mussolini

00:25:36 Wave Ride plus Taka Marcilio

00:26:05 Wave Ride Angulo with Aerial

00:29:40 Wave Ride plus Goiter Crash Robby Swift

00:30:07 Wave Ride Taka Crash Marcilio

00:30:22 Wave Ride with nice Aerial Alex

00:32:15 Wave Ride Aerial Josh

00:34:20 Wave Ride plus Aerial Marcilio

00:34:46 Wave Ride Alex

00:36:20 Wave Ride attempt, stop Alex

00:37:35 Wave Ride Alex

00:38:20 Wave Ride attempt, stop Marcilio

00:39:30 Wave Ride Aerial Crash Robby

00:39:50 Wave Ride oh Aerial 

00:40:15 Last Wave Ride Alex


Heat 29: Marcilio Browne vs Josh Angulo very light wind, clear decision for Marcilio

00:52:00 Heat on

00:52:10 Wave Ride with oh Taka crash Marcilio

00:53:00 Wave Ride Josh with little Aerial

00:53:50 Wave Ride Marcilio with extremely tweaked Aerial

00:55:00 Wave ride attempt Josh

00:58:12 Wave ride floater Angulo

01:00:10 Wave ride Air Taka Marcilio

01:01:15 Wave ride plus Aerial Josh 

01:01:42 Wave ride Marcilio

01:04:15 Wave ride oh Aerial Josh

01:05:30 Wave ride two Aerials Marcilio 

01:06:00 Wave ride attempt Josh

01:09:20 Wave ride plus Airtaka, perfect ride Marcilio

01:09:45 Wave ride attempt Josh

01:10:53 Wave ride attempt, quick exit Josh

less action to the end of the heat


Heat 30: 22 minutes heat Marcilio Browne vs Morgan Noireaux, lighter wind with a squall at the start and better win in the end, Marcilio had a solid lead,but lost it due to a great ride of Morgan with great rail to rail turns just 6 minutes before the end of the heat

1:26:00 Heat Start

1:26:00 Wave Ride with excellent Aerial Marcilio

1:26:20 Wave Ride Morgan

1:28:50 Air Taka Marcilio

1:29:20 Aerial Morgan

1:31:51 Wave Ride Marcilio

1:36:35 Wave Ride Morgan

1:37:00 Wave Ride Marcilio

1:39:05 Wave Ride Marcilio

1:41:50 Wave Ride Morgan 7,3 points, rail to rail ridden wave plus Aerials, Morgan takes the lead

1:43:20 Wave Ride Crash Marcilio

1:45:30 Wave Ride Morgan

1:46:10 Marcilio Air Taka crash

1:48:00 Last counting Wave Ride Morgan FS 360 with landing behind the wave


02:01:00 Interview Kai with Pietro Porcello, windsurfing pioneer and journalist


Heat 31: Bernd Roediger vs Morgan Noireaux

Morgan tried to sail but was not real table to ride waves due to the pain in his leg, so he gave up, Bernd was in the lead

02:18:57 Heat start

02:19:25 Wave ride Crash in a big squall Bernd 

02:21:50 Wave Ride attempt Morgan

02:23:40 Wave ride Bernd

02:25:40 Wave ride Morgan on a good set

02:26:10 Morgan stops to compete, his heat is over

02:26:52 Wave ride Bernd, heat ends after 8 minutes


Heat 32: Bernd Roediger vs Kauli Seadi, better wind and waves, very westerly swell, off shore wind

02:53:00 Heat start

02:53:05 Wave ride Kauli with a crashed Goiter

02:53:22 Wave ride Bernd with oh Aerial, Aerial, Taka 7.05 points for that

02:57:00 Back to sail upwind Bernd

02:57:40 Wave ride Kauli with spray

02:58:14 Wave ride with two good Aerials Bernd

02:58:50 Wave ride with great Aerial action Kauli

03:00:05 Wave ride Bernd with a Goiter 

03:00:28 Aerial Kauli

03:01:50 Wave ride Kauli with a wild Taka, not perfect landing

03:04:28 Kauli back to sail

03:05:15 Wave ride attempt Kauli

03:08:10 Wave ride Kauli with Aerials

03:09:05 Wave Taka Bernd, “Roediger is kicking Kauli’s ass” with 8,7 points

03:10:20 Wave ride Kauli 6.45 

03:12:10 Wave Ride Kauli with a very nice Aerial

03:13:10 Back to sail ride Bernd

03:13:50 Goiter crash Kauli

03:14:30 Wave ride Bernd with a perfect Goiter 


Heat 33: Bernd Roediger vs Levi Siver, first winners final double elimination, Levi won the first heat, so no rerun of the final in the double was necessary, cloudy and light wind, first Ho’okipa title for Levi, a squall showed up, the wind picked up for a short period, Bernd took a lot of risk and had a radical attitude in the final

03:28:20 Wave Levi top turn crash

03:28:35 Wave Bernd Taka crashed in white water

03:30:30 Wave Levi with Aerials

03:32:17 Wave Levi with massive spray and Aerials

03:32:55 Wave (big) Bernd with a crash and got washed several times

03:36:36 Wave back to sail Bernd

03:39:00 Wave Bernd with a crazy Goiter no perfectly landed

03:39:35 Wave Levi with an arched Aerial

03:41:40 Wave Levi solid

03:43:10 Wave Bernd oh Aerial

03:46:00 Wave Levi with a lot of spray

03:48:10 Wave Levi aerial

03:48:50 Wave Bernd aerial


Thursday Part 2


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