John Skye had a year with a lot of work. The 40 year-old wave rider from the UK, who lives in Gran Canaria, decided to focus on the sail development for RRD instead of competing on tour. He travelled a lot still. His wife Nayra participated in the Gran Canaria event and he took care of the two kids instead. In Tenerife he decided to compete, but lost in the first rounds against Marino Gil Gherardi and Marc Pare. Seems like the next generation takes over. John took it calmly, he has a regular job in the windsurfing business and made the transition from competition mode to the working mode

John Skye: “2017 felt like a tough year. Lots of work with the sails, lots of traveling with not much sailing and all the time trying to balance time with the family. The moments I had just to sail for fun where really precious. Whether it’s flat water blasting, bump and jump/freestyle or of course some decent wave sailing, it’s just nice being on the water and having fun.”

John Skye with great windsurfing action from Gran Canaria and Maui, Hawaii

Filmed by: Jace Panebianco, Johnny DeCesare, Ben Proffitt, Josep Pons