Jason Polakow – Windsurfing Trip to Fiji

In August Marcilio Browne and Jason Polakow travelled together to Fiji to ride a big swell at Cloudbreak. Marcilio released his video a couple of days ago, now it is Jason’s turn.

Jason Polakow: “Last year, I missed out on one of the biggest swells ever in Fiji and told myself I didn’t want to miss another swell heading that way. Looking at the weather charts, it was easy to see that Fiji was going to get hit hard with a good size swell and plenty of wind on the peak of the swell. My thinking was I was already in Australia visiting my parents and it’s only a four-hour flight to Fiji, so why not?”

Jason Polakow – Windsurfing Trip to Fiji

More Big Wave Action


No, this is not Tahiti, this is the North Shore of Fuerteventura. Watch Julien Taboulet charging some big waves!

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