Jason Polakow travelled to the finest spots in the Pacific Ocean to ride big waves on his tow-in board and with his windsurfing kit. He got a call by Baptiste Gossein and first he surfed the massive barrels of Teahupoo on Tahiti. Later he sailed in the incredible outer break of Cloudbreak on the western side of Fiji Island.


“There were a lot of pro big wave surfers in the line-up. Everyone was there from Kelly Slater to Bruce Irons. I rigged my equipment in the boat watching all the boys pull into big tubes. The boat started to take me up into the line-up and a huge close out set washed everyone in. I threw my rig into the line-up and basically had it all to myself for 2 hours. A lot of the boys hung around to watch a windsurfer rip big Cloudbreak which was good for our sport. Everyone was shouting and yelling words of praise after each ride,” said Jason about his memorable session at Cloudbreak.


This clip again shows how radical Jason still is and how massive the waves get in the Pacific Ocean. And the filmer Tim Bonython and the boys from the Maui Nerd Production did a great job as well.


Jason Polakow riding massive waves in the southern Pacific Ocean