Jamie Hancock recently edited a really cool clip starring Jamie Hancock, Ross Williams, Phil Horrocks and Alex Mussolini training and testing at South Africa. The film, called “Around the table”, shows action at several spots around the famous Table Mountain in Cape Town. And… the clip already shows 2014 Gaastra wave sail designs. “The movie is in a 2.35:1 resolution which is basically a cropped 1920×1080 and creates a more cinematic look. I really hope you guys like it!” Jamie Hancock. Watch the clip and read our interview with Jamie below. 

Jamie Hancock, Ross Williams, Phil Horrocks and Alex Mussolini in Cape Town, South Africa


An interview with Jamie Hancock about his trip to Cape Town during winter 2013

C7: What a nice clip from Cape Town! When did you produce the clip?

Jamie Hancock: Thanks! I made the clip a month or so ago but had to wait a bit until the 2014 sails were closer to being ready as we had quite a few clips of prototypes in the video. Becky (Rebecca Ashton) filmed on the better days of the trip, she actually really enjoys filming. She had some bad luck this trip with an eye infection meaning she had to stay out of the sunlight for a few weeks. Felt a bit bad as it was probably caused by filming on a windy, sandy beach in the first place!


C7: What’s your favorite spot in Cape Town?

Jamie Hancock: I’ve spent quite a few years in Cape Town and I have to say the spots change from year to year. Last year I sailed Milnerton a lot and not once this year. From this clip I’d say though my most fun sessions were at a spot called Haagkat. It can be savagely busy at times so you have to pick your moments.


C7: You were already sailing 2014 Gaastra wave sails and Tabou Boards, right?

Jamie Hancock: We were with Peter Munzlinger in Cape Town and were all testing out the sails. It was a shame as Thomas Traversa was there too but had left before Becky was around to film. There was no real plan to this clip, I think I will do a 2nd clip with other spots further away from Cape Town as I have more footage from these spots too. But it was nice to put something together including some of the other guys on the new sails as a bit of a preview to their release.


C7: Which models did you use in the video?

Jamie Hancock: I used the IQ and Manic (usually 3.7m – 4.2m) and pretty much the same for Alex, Ross and Phil used the Manics along with testing some Poisons. We all love the new sails and really impressed with how Peter took on all our ideas and input and produced the sails he has for 2014. We had a few different versions of the same model and we all pretty much agreed on the same proto for each which was good.


C7: You are more and more into filming and editing! Is that something you will do after your professional windsurfing career?

Jamie Hancock: I’ve been editing for quite a few years now and love it. I’m catching up a bit with the filming but equally enjoy that too. My main goal is to windsurf at a competitive level and to enjoy my sailing, if I can help make windsurfing look fun and appealing to other people through videos then that is my definitely my goal too. 


C7: What do you expect for the upcoming season and will we see Gaastra wave sailors on the podium?

Jamie Hancock: For sure, I don’t know how many people I will be spraying with champagne but I think we will definitely have guys on the podium in all disciplines. We couldn’t have any better gear so it is up to us to go out there and bring it home!


C7: How will you prepare for the first PWA tour stop in Pozo beginning of July?

Jamie Hancock: I have a 64 liter board for this year where as last year I messed up with have too bigger boards, so that should help. Other than that probably grow some balls!


C7: Good luck for the season and growing balls! 😉

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