Watch some great wave windsurfing action by Jaeger Stone from Western Australia, filmed in early 2020, just before the Covid outbreak. Jaeger, who won the Tenerife Wave World Cup and the Red Bull Storm Chase in 2019, still sails with a knee brace, but lands huge Forwards, planing Goiters and hit the lips really hard. 

Jaeger Stone: “That’s a short clip from WA in February 2020. This was shot over a couple of days after I returned from my knee injury. Was nice to be sailing again, having fun and building up my confidence. I’m using the 2021 78L production Starboard Ultrakode and Severne Sails S-1 and S-1 Pro. In the video are a few occasional issues with the camera focus as I had it on autofocus.”

Jaeger Stone in the waves of Western Australia during last summer 2020

Produced by Elii Design