Gigi Madeddu, Matteo Spanu, Rossel Bartoldo, Alessandro Congiu, Tonino Corazzi, Flavio “Poeta” Lissoni, Massimo Patteri, Andrea Calabrese, Corinne Bertoldo and Simone Pierini travelled to Brazil, Sao Miguel do Gostoso in the last winter. Most of them are locals from Sant’Antioco sailing freestyle at Sa Barra (Sardinia).

The winter 2012/2013 was really cold in Europe. They escaped the cold weather and visited Paolo Migliorini, who runs the “Dr.Wind” center at Sao Miguel and they met some of the best Italian freestylers like Mattia Fabrizi or Jacopo Testa, who nails insane Air Kabikuchis. It’s a quite nice clip, which shows the village, the spots and the good atmosphere traveling with your best friends.

Italians in Sao Miguel do Gostoso –  a brilliant video from a special windsurfing trip in 2013

Edited by Simon Mazzamuto