In the beginning of April a big indoor windsurfing event, the “Indoor de France” was held in Paris. For two days the AccorHotels Arena (formerly known as Bercy Arena) openend its doors for windsurfing. Thousands of spectators visited the show to watch the action and to see Antoine Albeau & Co performing in a pool. The organizer Fred Beauchene, who organized the first indoor event in 1990, invited a few international stars like Robby Naish, Kauli Seadi, Kai Lenny and Robert Teriitehau and the creme de la creme of the French windsurfers, like Thomas Traversa, Antoine Albeau, Antony Ruenes, Pierre Mortefon, Nicolas Akgazciyan and Erik Thieme, French indoor freak.

The event was a pure show event. The show came first and the results were secondary. Every rider tried the best to impress the spectators, but it seems that Nicolas Akgazciyan, who won the freestyle at the 2014 PWA Indoor event in Warsaw and got second in the slalom behind Ben Proffitt, is the new chief of indoor windsurfing. He was the fastest around the slalom course and tried a Double Forward Loop on the second day over the ramp and almost landed it perfectly. We need to mention that the indoor slalom format is not the fairest, but it’s just for the show.

What else? Thomas Traversa landed a perfect Air Chacho, Kauli Seadi a clean Push loop, Robert Teriitehau jumped out of the pool, Eric Thieme (in a leopard suit) almost landed a Forward on Teriitehau’s head, etc.

99NoveNove brought their own video team to Paris and produced a video about the two days of indoor action.

Indoor Windsurfing Paris 2016 – Video by 99



Jumping action from day 2 in Paris 2016