IN YOUR FACE – 59 secs Video Portraits of professional windsurfers and watermen by professional photographer Thorsten Indra

“While doing a photo shoot with a few professional watermen in Maui/Hawaii, I wanted to approach things a little differently: I wanted to give the viewer a bit of a living insight into their faces – for 59 seconds. These videos are still portraits in a way – yet in motion and thereby “interactive”…” (Thorsten Indra)

Why 59 seconds?

“To underscore that while they are certainly long enough to get a good and interesting impression about them, this slice is just as certainly incomplete and can’t show it all. It is a facet and only can capture the mood and situation of those seconds on that day.
The inspiration for this little project came from work by Mr. Jarvis”, German professional photographer Thorsten Indra described his actual project, called “in your face”.

The following video portrait shows 3 times world champion Kauli Seadi from Brazil (Bra-253). And many more will follow this clip!