Graham Ezzy released a video with some brilliant wave windsurfing action from Praia do Guincho in Portugal. He slides through smooth Takas, Backside Wave 360s and lands Goiters, Push loops, Forwards or one footed Back loops. Great to watch!

“Over the summer 2019, I flew to Portugal with the family during a break between the Tenerife and Sylt World Cup events. The forecast called for solid wind and waves that never really showed up. But we did have fun Atlantic conditions – gusty winds and waves that were mostly closing out. We spent the afternoons on the beach. My wife and son played in the sand and I rode waves. I enjoy the challenge of windsurfing in less than perfect conditions, and I love Guincho and the surrounding area.” (Graham Ezzy)

Graham Ezzy rides fun waves at Guincho, Portugal last summer