Last weekend the German Freestyle Battle had its first tour stop during the German Surf Festival on the island Fehmarn. After one single elimination Niclas Nebelung won in front of Tilo Eber and Adi Beholz. Lisa Kloster managed to win the women division in front of Malin Körner and Johanna Rümenapp.

Besides the freestyle competition a Tow-In competition took place, too. A perfectly landed Skopu by Foivos Tsoupras was the winning move.

The official event video of the German Freestyle Battle (GFB ) 2018 in Fehmarn

Produced by Valentin Böckler
Additional video footage: Loris Gleixner, Laurens Vaigt


Result German Freestyle Battle Fehmarn 2018


1. Niclas Nebelung
2. Tilo Eber
3. Adi Beholz
4. Valentin Böckler
5. Mathias Genkel, Jannes Thomsen, Anton Munz, Lasse Boenecke


1. Lisa Kloster
2. Malin Körner
3. Johanna Rümenapp
4. Lisa Hogenkamp