Philipp “Phil” Putze enjoyed the light wind conditions on the island of Föhr. The island is located in the North Sea, just a few miles in south eastern direction from Sylt in Germany. He calls his short clip “Föhrstyle” and shows how nice the conditions are at Utersum, the westernmost village. It’s the most remote spot on Föhr. The little island, also called the green island, is definitely worth a visit, if you are around. The island of Föhr has nice beaches and a special climate, brilliant sunsets and good windsurfing conditions.

Philipp Putze is a 19 year-old windsurfer from Braunschweig, Germany, who loves freestyle windsurfing. He started with freestyle windsurfing 5 years ago, but lived far from a windsurfing spot and describes himself as a “vacation windsurfer”. But Philipp finished school this year and spent more time on the water.

Philip Putze: I had the sessions at Utersum on October 18th and 20th. At this time of the year I was the only windsurfer on the water. I like it and I would call Föhr my home spot. In Braunschweig, where I lived, aren’t any good spots. Over the past seasons I spent a lot of time on Föhr as I worked in a water sport center and in a windsurfing shop. And just 5 days ago I moved to Kiel and will study biology. Additionally to my time at the university I ‘m excited to windsurf a lot.


Föhrstyle – a windsurfing freestyle short clip by German freestyle windsurfer Philipp “Phil” Putze