On October 15 the last German Freestyle Battle of this year took place at Orth on the German island of Fehmarn. 21 men and 3 women travelled to Orth to take part in the coldest freestyle battle ever. In 9°C air temperature the competitors did their best to show their freestyle tricks.

After one single elimination Valentin Böckler won in front of Anton Munz and Mathias Genkel and Johanna Rümenapp won in front of Lisa Hagenkamp and Lisa Christ.

German Freestyle Battle 3.0 Orth Fehmarn 2016 – Video

Video by Finn Karstens

Result German Freestyle Battle 3.0 Orth Fehmarn 2016

1. Valentin Böckler
2. Anton Munz
3. Mathias Genkel
4. Henning von Jagow
5. Niclas Nebelung
5. Foivos Tsoupras
7. Lasse Boenecke
7. Philipp von Jagow
7. Kevin Langbehn
7. Felix Söder
7. Sidney Heinze
7. Luis Ponseti

1. Johanna Rümenapp
2. Lisa Hagenkamp
3. Lisa Christ