German Freestyle Battle Lemkenhafen, Fehmarn  – Tilo Eber won the event in front of Adrian Beholz and Valentin Böckler. 2000 € price money at an national German freestyle competition. That’s a really strong sign of a relatively young tour in Germany.


Tilo Eber: “I remember when Adrian came up with the idea of creating the Freestyle Battles in 2010. That time my first thoughts were, its just another crazy Beholz-phantasm! Now, four years later, we have almost 2000 € pricemoney, a constantly increasing number of participants  and a well working organisation done by the riders themselves. All the registered riders get some price Money, instead of paying 60 € or more to enter an event, judged by people who couldn’t even tell the difference between a Spock and a Spinout. So first of all thanks to Adi for creating the Freestyle Battles and supporting the developement of Freestyle in Germany, and sorry for beating you twice, it will never happen again.” (Tilo Eber, winner of the German Freestyle Battle at Fehmarn)


Tilo Eber - Pic:

Tilo Eber – Pic:


24 riders travelled to Lemkenhafen, Fehmarn to compete at the first German Freestyle Battle in 2013. Adrian Beholz and Tilo Eber were the top names on the entry list, but a few real youngsters registered for the event, too. Especially Julian Wiemar, he is 16 years-old, and Jannes Thomsen, who is 19 years-old, impressed in the strong wind conditions during the Single elimination. They were able to show great moves in this little windchop. Both youngsters made it into the semi finals, but Tilo Eber and Adrian Beholz stopped them with perfect Konos on both tacks and high Skopus. Tilo Eber won the final of the single in a tight decision. 


Adrian Beholz - Pic:

Adrian Beholz – Pic:


In the double elimination Mikel Thies and Valentin Böckler sailed excellent and had a great comeback. Thies made it in 6th position and Valentin Boeckler managed to win 4 heats in a row until Adrian Beholz stopped his run. In the final it was once again Tilo Eber vs. Adrian Beholz. Both sailed on a worldclass level and showed moves like Burner into Puneta, Skopus, Shaka-Flakas, but Tilo was able to land a really high Shove-It Spock and a Spock into Kono and won the final of the double elimination and the event.

In the girls category Kerstin Behrends won in front of Diana Lohoff. Old Gun Wolfie Strasser got the first price in the category travelling the longest distance. He drove up all the way to Fehmarn from Bavaria. 900 km to participate in a Freestyle Battle. Respect!


The next Freestyle-Battle will take place at Laboe, the city spot for all windsurfers from Kiel. The stand-by period starts soon. 


RESULT German Freestyle Battle 2013 – Fehmarn

1. Tilo Eber
2. Adrian Beholz
3. Valentin Böckler
4. Julian Wiemar
5. Jannes Thomsen
6. Mikel Thies


Double Elimination Ladder

Double Elimination Ladder