French Baptiste Mure and Roselyne Thiemmara travelled to Sardinia and Corsica last October 2015. Baptiste Mure is a passionate freestyle windsurfer and he scored great conditions at Porto Liscia and Capo Testa on Sardinia and at Santa Manza on Corsica. The trip was a special one for the young couple as it was their first journey with their 6 month old baby. Travelling might become different with a little one, but one thing is for sure, you won’t miss windy mornings. 

Baptiste Mure: “The van had been changed and improved, in order to make these three weeks as comfortable as possible for the three of us. And there we go, with a complete slalom gear, two freestyle boards, four sails, a surfboard, a guitar, feeding bottles and a pushchair. No need to say we had to be well organized. We travelled through Sardinia and Corsica, trying to find wild places, with few people and good conditions. We still remember the smell of the maquis, wonderful travelers we met over there, inhabitants in love with their region, the taste of charcuterie (sliced local cheese and sausage) and white beer. See you soon with other nice pictures. A big thank you to my sweetheart behind the lens!”


Baptiste Mure and Roselyne Thiemmara with their video “Bambina”