FLÒTTAN – EXPLORING ICELAND – a film about a wave windsurfing adventure with Marc Paré & Thilde Sofie Rasmussen by Sergio Espinosa

They had to make it through a snowstorm, found ice, sailed next to big glaciers and explored brilliant wave conditions, when they explored Iceland in the end of September 2021. There are just a few windsurfers living on Iceland, around 5. They met a few of them and got great support . And in the end they extended their stay and it paid off. The conditions were fully on and even the sun showed up. Iceland didn’t disappoint! Everyone was pushing their personal limits in cold weather conditions. Marc, Thilde Sofie or Sergio. And Marc fully enjoyed riding in cleanest waves with offshore wind at remote spots.

Flòttan, in english “the escape”, is an excellent word to describe the journey. It’s an escape to a special part on our planet: black beaches, active volcanoes, huge waterfalls and a pure landscape. Iceland is a unique place! It is raw, beautiful, and stunning. At the same time, it has some of the most extreme and changing weather Marc, Thilde Sofie and Sergio have witnessed in his entire life. Hooded wetsuits and thick booties become every watersport athlete best friend. 

Flòttan showcases the search for spots on a big island in the northern Atlantic Oceanwhere the only line-ups locals are seals and icebergs. The eighteen-minute episode tells the story of embracing the uncomfortable. It’s a film of ups and downs, of unbreakable optimism put on a test by many disappointments. It’s the story of a tight windsurfing community who proves the spirit of windsurfing once again. 

FLÒTTAN – EXPLORING ICELAND – a wave windsurfing adventure in the Atlantic Ocean with Marc Paré & Thilde Sofie Rasmussen by Sergio Espinosa

Produced by Sergio Espinosa