Federico Morisio (I-676) is a young talented wave windsurfer from Turin, Italy. Federico is studying economy and besides this he has been working hard on his dream to become a professional windsurfer. He started windsurfing on Corsica and fell in love with wave windsurfing at Jericoacoara in 2009. In 2015 he made his Worldcup debut and took part in the trials on Tenerife and finished the Aloha Classic on place 29. He then stayed on Maui and worked together with the Israeli born film-maker Giora Koren on this clip “Let it begin”.   

Federico Morisio: “I’m really happy and excited to share my new video entirely shot in Maui, Hawaii, last December. It was a blast to shoot with a professional video producer! I’m really thankful for all this, it’s awesome and I couldn’t imagine it just one year ago. But I still consider it as the beginning: for always bigger goals, bigger achievements and better action. The level of the other riders is still light years away, and that’s why I work hard everyday to fill up the gap and to reach my goal becoming one of the best ones out there. I’ve started travelling and windsurfing a lot just since 1 year, and I’m so happy for all is happening and how good things are coming on my way! Windsurfing is now the main thing in my life and I couldn’t be happier for it. It will be hard, but I want to make it a job and fight to become one of the best ones out there. I don’t care how or when, but I will make, that’s it.”


  • Federico already traveled to a lot of international windsurfing spots. In 2014 he travelled to Masirah island, Oman. Watch his video “Just let me ride”.


Federico Morisio in “Let it begin” with wave windsurfing action from Ho’okipa, Maui