A few months ago UK freestyle windsurfer Nic Hibdige and Danish wave rider Kenneth Danielsen were invited to explore the Faroe Islands together with Jamie Hancock and James Sharp, who both documented the journey. Jamie, who used to compete on the PWA wave tour is now fully into making films and an ambassador for Lumix UK, who seems to send him to great locations like the Faroe Islands to produce stunning shots.

Embracing the spirit of adventure and discovery, a few months ago we took a gamble to explore the Faroe Islands in search of wind and waves. Situated somewhere in-between Scotland and Iceland it is somewhere that I’ve always been fascinated by. With mind blowing scenery and very little or no information for windsurfing and surfing it was the perfect opportunity to take a small crew of filmmakers and windsurfers and step out into the wilderness.

Most of the research before the trip was pretty much by using Google Earth. I even resorted to searching through Airbnb for seaside properties that sometimes had the odd stormy picture of the ocean, trying to define ridable wave breaks. The problem with the Faroe Islands is, despite its beauty, it has the tallest ocean cliffs in the world which limits swell and wind getting into most of the beaches. I went out a week early to search all over the islands and met the crew the following week for 7 days of filming. We found some wind and swell amongst the absolutely stunning surroundings of the Faroe Islands and it’s definitely a trip we will all never forget. (Jamie Hancock)