Jamie Hancock created a new video. It’s a great 10 minutes long video with an intro and three chapters. Jamie remembers how everything started, when Timo Mullen, Ross Williams, Steve Thorpe or Paul Hunt took him on a trip to some of UK’s best wave spots. This time Jamie was the guide for Aleksy Gayda and Jack Hunt, the next generation of UK’s wave riders. In part 3 you’ll see some action of the more experienced ones, like Ross Williams, Steve Thorpe or Paul Hunt.

The video is available in 4K, if your connection allows it! We definitely have to say it’s great what Jamie does and trips like this one help the younger generation to pick up skills quicker and learn about spots faster….Unfortunately a big oil rig has just stranded  close to a remote shore at Scotland’s western coast on the Isle of Lewis. A big storm storm pushed the rig towards the coast of the Outer Hebrides (watch the video). Jamie and his friends already spent many days on Isle of Lewis as the conditions are great there. Too bad that incidents like that one happen and endanger the environment and remote windsurfing and surfing spots. 

Additionally to the video we hooked up with Jamie to speak about his newest Scotland experience. Read the interview below.


Jamie Hancock, the youth and the more experienced travellers in Scotland

Filmed: Jamie Hancock / Arthur Sadler
Edit: Jamie Hancock


Interview with Jamie Hancock about his trip to Scotland

Continentseven: Utopia, it’s an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. Is riding a wave in Scotland the Utopia you were looking for?
Jamie Hancock: Yes, definitely. Chasing a forecast with friends and scoring fun down the line conditions for 3 days in an awesome place is my Utopia.

Continentseven: You often travelled to Scotland with Timo Mullen, Ross Williams and a few other well know windsurfers from the UK. But this time you brought the next generation of UK windsurfers with you. Can you tell us a bit more about it.
Jamie Hancock: Aleksy is a really nice kid who is great fun to hang out with. He rips in all conditions and even sailed Jaws a few months ago. Like I said in the video, I was clueless about where to go when I was younger. I really needed to go with friends to have fun and find out what it’s all about. So naturally it’s now great to bring along the next generation of windsurfers and enjoy as many trips as possible chasing these amazing windsurfing days.

Continentseven: Do you like to share your secret knowledge about good spots with the younger generation? and do they appreciate your help?
Jamie Hancock: Like I said in the video, I was clueless about where to go when I was younger. I knew that some of these places existed through magazines, but I was going to drive 13 hours and get a ferry to a place I’ve never been to? Not very likely. It’s pretty brave to ignore all your local spots and make that type of journey to a place you’ve never been. I sometimes get emails about where to go in Scotland which I’m happy to help out, although I’m not going to be putting out a 3 page spot guide. I remember one trip with Timo and JC (e.n. John Carter, professional photographer and official PWA tour photographer) where we travelled all that way for 3 days and we got the forecast wrong and I ended up wobbling out to catch one wave to try get a photo from the trip before going straight to the ferry port last minute in my wetsuit and almost missing the ferry. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way to know better for the future. I think I bogged a rail too on the wave – it was a long drive home! 

Continentseven: How important is it to keep exploring new spots?
Jamie Hancock: In the UK I’d say it is more about getting the most amount of fun days windsurfing. So we have the south coast of England (where I live) and then Cornwall, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and even the east coast of UK. There are usually going to be more than one of these places somewhere that’s great for to windsurfing on any low pressure passing through so it is more about looking at all the options and going wherever is best. Perhaps if we have JC then it’s more of an excuse to explore new places as you never know, they could be even better! 

Continentseven: How often did you travel to Scotland to get the knowledge you have nowadays?
Jamie Hancock: This was my 5th or 6th trip to the Isle of Lewis, but I’ve also been to the Isle of Tiree at least 10 times. There is also Thurso on the north coast of mainland Scotland. So quite a few times. Scotland is an amazing place for windsurfing and I know there are many more places for adventures.

Continentseven: The conditions look great in Scotland! Are the waves in Scotland better than in many other places?
Jamie Hancock: You can argue that there are better waves always all over the world, but for me and on this trip particularly there was nowhere else in the world that I’d rather have been.

Continentseven: What’s your next trip?
Jamie Hancock: I want to travel to Norway as it looks an incredible country where I’d like capture some nice drone footage and to learn more about film and photography. It looks like there are quite a few windsurfing spots. We’ll see. I also can’t wait to head to some favourite spots closer to home as the winter approaches.

Continentseven: Thanks for the interview.

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