Fanatic just released their 2023 range of freestyle and wave boards.

Source: Fanatic

Skate TE 2023

Our Skate freestyle board is shaped for zero compromise and will take you to the next level. Rotate, slide, rinse & repeat – the water is your skatepark. For 2023, the shape of our dedicated freestyle board has been adapted to the demands of the latest progressive freestyle moves in the new size of 91l – the go-to size for our team riders in most conditions.


Grip TE /Grip XS 2023

The highly adaptable Grip TE enables you to ride your wave your way, without compromise. For 2023, our radical performance wave board has been completely redesigned with focus on highly improved wave performance with minimal effect to the planing abilities. The Grip XS is designed specifically for lightweight riders.


Mamba TE 2023

The Mamba TE is an evolution of the Stubby and shines with similar attributes in sloppy waves but comes with improved performance for when the conditions turn on.


FreeWave/TE/TXTR 2023

From flatwater blasting, to bump & jump or waves, the FreeWave is the one board that takes it all in its stride across a bigger range of conditions than ever. Available in three different constructions.