Erik Hakman from Straight Outta Fiskeback Media just released his video “West Coast II”. The Swedish freestyle windsurfer enjoyed his summer session on the Island of Lyrön (Lyr) in his home country, where he lived all summer long. It’s around 90 kilometers north from his hometown Gothenburg and it’s a beautiful surrounding. Erik lived in unspoiled nature for about three months. What a privilege!! Sweden’s West Coast has a lot of unique windsurfing spots to offer. It’s worth a trip!

It’s been a long, hot summer. Throughout the 3 month long dry spell in Sweden this summer we only scored two proper sessions, one in July and one in August. I managed to get an hour long photoshoot in during both of these sessions and this video is the result of that. Besides this I’ve been putting in work on the foil, which you can see on my recent foil video Foil & Freestyle. I usually spend the main part of my summers on the Island of Lyrön (Lyr) located next to the coastal town of Mollösund in the Bohuslän region of the Swedish west coast. 
I shot one of last year’s videos (West Coast I) at spots surrounding the island, and this year I got to ride a secret spot that needs a very specific wind direction and only goes off about once every two years. The opening sequence etc. was shot there, while the other moves were shot at the main spot also featured in last years West Coast edit. Erik Hakman about his video West Coast II


Erik Hakman with windsurfing freestyle action from the beautiful Swedish west coast