Erik Hakman loves freestyle windsurfing and now started to foil windsurf with his freestyle kit. He is using a 65 cm long mast on his 93 liter freestyle board and is about to learn all the classic freestyle moves like Carving 360°, etc. Watch his new video from Fiskeback in Sweden. Wind foiling is a great option for lighter wind conditions. Erik modified his fin box and just needed to get a foil. He now can use the same board for windsurfing and wind foiling. No extra board is needed. Definitely a concept, which could become popular. Now it’s up to the producers to supply the freestyle boards with foil boxes in the future.

Erik Hakman: The board is a classic Starboard Flare 93 with a custom foil box supplied and built by professional shaper Björn Daniels from Crater Composites. With the use of an adapter for power box fins, the board is compatible with both the foil and a regular freestyle fin.


Erik Hakman enjoys wind foiling at Fiskeback, Sweden over the summer months