French windsurfer Emilien de Ridder had a few great session at Majanicho on Fuerteventura in late December 2014. The Norh Shore of Fuerteventura is very well known for surfing or SUP and not the most windy place on the dry island. The spots are rocky, the launch can be tricky and the reefs are quite shallow with low tide. It really needs good skills to go out at spots like Majanicho, Caleta, Mejillones, Punta Blanca or Shooting Gallery (Bristol).


“We went on a last minute trip with my brother and his girlfriend last December. We got very lucky as the conditions in Majanicho, a spot on Fuerteventura’s famous North shore, were great during a whole week, what’s very rare (almost never happens) according to the locals! The swell had a nice direction and the wind was side off, what allowed us to score some perfect wave riding conditions.”


Watch Emilien de Ridder riding clean waves at Majanicho, Fuerteventura