Maciek Rutkowski produced a new slalom windsurfing documentary about the last winters in Tenerife. The Polish windsurfer, who made his first slalom podium in Denmark in 2019, gives a recap on the past 8 years, including the highs and the lows. He, and 2017 PWA Slalom World Champion Matteo Iachino talk frankly about their experiences over the past 8 years. They also dedicated a long part to Alberto Menegatti, who passed away during the winter training in 2015. We always will remember Alberto, who was such a fighter and perfectionist on and off the water. He left way too early at the age of 29!

“I would just like to stress that this is not about me. I simply made this documentary, but its actually about the training, the rise of quite a few people in the racing world, Alberto, the day he died and his impact on our careers. It’s not some self-promotion gig, the subject was interesting to me and it all connects well so I made it into a film.” (Maciek Rutkowski)

EIGHT WINTERS. ONE DAY – a slalom windsurfing documentary produced by Maciek Rutkowski in his WINDSURFLIFE series

Written, directed, edited by Maciek Rutkowski

Filmed by Bartek Jankowski, Rytis Jasiunas, Andrzej Jozwik

Riders: Alberto Menegatti, Matteo Iachino, Maciek Rutkowski, Pierre Mortefon, Andrea Cucchi, Malte Reuscher, Bruno Marini, Marco Lang, Gunnar Asmussen, Jordy Vonk, Enrico Marotti, Tristan Algret, Mateus Isaac, Ethan Westera, Rytis Jasiunas & many more