Check out the recap highlight clip from the 2019 EFPT Surf Worldcup Tow-in competition in Neusiedl in Austria. 13 invited riders battled for the places on the podium and in the end it was a close battle between Italian Mattia Fabrizi and French Sam Esteve. 

After a ten days event period and five days of tow-in shows and exciting freestyle windsurfing supersessions French talent Sam Esteve won the EFPT tow-in competition with the high score of 70 points for a clean fast rotated double Air Burner 540°. He landed this move in his final attempt on the last day of the event and snatched the event victory away from Mattia Fabrizi,  who has led the event since day 2.  The Italian even landed a perfect double Air Burner one-handed and improved his high score from 68.5 to 69.5 points –  but lost by half a point in the end.

Julien Mas made it in third place, followed by Gollito Estredo and Amado Vrieswijk. We have to mention that not all invited riders did participate in all tow-in sessions as most of the riders where not at the event for the whole period. That’s the reason, why not everyone is in the video. The video shows the tow-in action from the second weekend, when Amado Vrieswijk and Steven van Broeckhoven had already left Neusiedl am See. 

Sam Esteve won the EFPT tow-in event at Neusiedl am See, Austria

Produced by Adam Sims Productions & Assistant Production Alex Mertens Visuals

Result Surf Worldcup EFPT Tow-in 2019, Neusiedl am See

Result EFPT Tow-in Surf Worldcup 2019 Neusiedl am See, Austria

Result EFPT Tow-in Surf Worldcup 2019 Neusiedl am See, Austria