EFPT Costa Brava Tow-In Final – Day 4 Video

On day 4 of the EFPT event at Costa Brava the focus was on the tow-in finals, which were scheduled for around midday. And it was a tight battle for the top places between Adam Sims, Mattia Fabrizi, Steven van Broeckhoven and Antoine Albert. Steven landed a perfect Air Funnell Burner and Antoine a clean Skopu. Both got the same points (6.84), but Steven’s second best score was higher and he finished in third. Italian Mattia Fabrizi landed a no handed Burner (8.03) very clean and put pressure on Adam Sims, whose answer was a Culo into Culo (8.91). Congrats Adam!

Adam Sims wins Costa Brava 2018

Adam Sims wins Costa Brava 2018

After the tow-in action it was time for the local kids to enter the water. Mattia Fabrizi and Francesco Cappuzzo joined them and shared the stoke on the water. Davide Zilli and Adam Sims showed another group on land the first steps in windsurfing.

Around 13.30 the wind picked up and at 14:15 the green flag went up for the first heat. In the following three hours we saw some world class moves in lighter wind conditions. The riders were on their 5.2m or 5.6m sails but unfortunately just two heats could be finished, due to some heat cancellations and discussions about the conditions.

Following 8 riders are still in, can collect important points for the overall ranking or can win the competition: Giovanni Passani, Mattia Fabrizi, Francesco Cappuzzo, Riccardo Marca, Antoine Albert, Steven van Broeckhoven, Tonky Frans and Loick Spicher

Video of day 4 from the Costa Brava EFPT event with the tow-in final and freestyle windsurfing action

Produced by Adam Sims & Alex Mertens / EFPT 2018
Final results EFPT tow-in Costa Brava 2018

Final results EFPT tow-in Costa Brava 2018

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