All hopes to complete the single elimination in the freestyle windsurfing discipline were on the fifth and last day of the event. Sunday started with a light onshore breeze from the right wind direction slowly building up at noon, but the sky fully covered in clouds prevented the thermic effect to kick in for a suitable wind strength to recommence the competition.

Check out the video from the the final day with windsurfing action from day 4 with interviews of current tour leader Tonky Frans and Tom Hartmann. Steven van Broeckhoven or Giovanni Passani still have the chance to make it on top of the overall ranking, too. But the chances for Tonky are quite good to win his first EFPT title after 15 years of competition.

Results Tow-In

  1. Adam Sims
  2. Mattia Fabrizi
  3. Steven van Broeckhoven

Result Best Trick

     1. Steven van Broeckhoven

Costa Brava EFPT 2018 – Day 5 (Final day 2018)

Produced by Adam Sims & Alex Mertens / EFPT 2018