The Brazilian and former freestyle windsurfing pro Edvan Souza travelled from his home spot Jericoacoara to Baja California to take part in the 2017 IWT Baja Desert Showdown. It was his first time in Baja and he produced a video called “Make it count”. It’s not a video about losing and winning, it’s a fantastic clip, which shows the incredible skills of Edvan in starboard tack conditions. He nails huge air moves like Push loops or stalled Forwards and lands some insane freestyle moves in the waves of Punta San Carlos. It’s so impressive how effortless Edvan flies through the air like a bird and the wave riding in the bigger sets looks great. Very well done Edvan!!

Brazilian Edvan Souza plays in the waves of Punta San Carlos, Baja California, Mexico

Filmed by: Anna Maria Zollet, Joey Sanchez, Kevin Pritchard, Maxime Fevier, Tom Ben & Tom Soltysiak