Eilat is the freestyle windsurfing hot spot in Israel. Nadav Cohen from NDC studio filmed and edited an almost 11 minutes long clip, which shows great freestyle action and the freestyle vibes from Eilat. Lean back and enjoy “EDOM”. It’s good fun!

Nadav Cohen, the producer: “It feels good to be back home after a few years and document my friends ripping the red sea with some funky moves. I’m happy I grew up on this beach and around the desert beauty.” 

Windsurfers: Adam Gavriel, Eliran Levi, Yarden Meir, Yonatan Yagen, Zohar Torfstein, Dylan Levi, Shahar Belilos, Michael Arazi, Noam Dadon, Shay Zeidenberg, Neil Cukier, Tal Hodera, Tom Goren, Ilay Bamnolker, Eilon Wilson, Reef Markman, Daniel Harari & Oran Akirav


EDOM – a brilliant freestyle windsurfing video by Nadav Cohen from NDC studio about the scene from Eilat, Israel