Dudu Levi travelled from Israel to South Africa to spend the South African summer in the area around Cape Town. The trip was a great success and he spent much time on the water windsurfing at some of the best spots in these region. It was Dudu’s forth trip to South Africa. So he called the video “Fourth time Cape Town”. A lot of riders and friends captured the action (see the names below the video) and Dudu edited the video. He not only shows his windsurfing – he is on a great level in freestyle by the way. He also captured footage from skateboarding, from hiking or from the landscape.

Fourth Time Cape Town 2022 – a freestyle windsurfing video from South Africa featuring Dudu Levi from Israel

Filmed by: Tomer Shamgar, Adam Sims/ALVAA MEDIA, Samuel Tomé, Max Brinnich, Adrien Bosson, Marco Lufen, Omer Goldstein, George Grisley