Belgian Dieter van der Eyken (B-35), PWA freestyle World champion 2015, spent a great summer in Tenerife 2020. “One Epic Summer” is his latest video from El Cabezo. He enjoyed the wave sessions and made the best out of the difficult COVID-19 situation. Over the summer he practiced a lot of air moves and lands really big Back loops and excellent double Forward loops. If you are interested to improve your level you should book Dieter for a coaching lesson. We are sure, it will pay off!

Dieter van der Eyken: Tenerife spoiled us this year with some of the best conditions I have had since I moved to the Canaries more than 2 years ago. After a 50 day lockdown due to Covid-19 (where we only missed one day of wind & waves) being back out on the water after 50 days inside was just amazing!

With nearly good conditions 4 to 5 days a week we were able to spend a lot of time on the water the past summer. Like always one day was better than the other one, but having such a consistent amount of conditions did make it a summer to remember. Plenty of European windsurfers made it over for summer to enjoy the normal trade winds. So even though traveling was harder this year it was good to still see a lot of familiar faces on the water & feel everyone was enjoying their time on the water after a difficult start of the year.

Another winter is in front of the door and traveling to the islands is still possible, with the regular winds coming back from mid-December it looks like plenty more water time is coming. Join us on Tenerife & if you want to step up your wave game or become a wave sailer then make sure to check out my Master Classes in cooperation with Surfhub Tenerife! Thank you to everyone for filming over summer, up to another great winter!

Dieter van der Eyken with his “One Epic Summer” – a perfect summer in El Cabezo, Tenerife