This time it was fin weather!! Balz Müller and Yentel Caers enjoyed their 3.3m session on Lake Uri (Urnersee) Switzerland. They both land wild air rotations like Push Loops, Back Loops, Forward Loops, Push Loops or Shifties at Isleten, which is probably the windiest spot in the Swiss Alps. Balz, who just got daddy – congrats – lands them all clean. Luckily he didn’t sail too close to the tourist boat. Watch all the action filmed by Yentel Caers with his head cam & Laura, who braved the elements on the beach. Thumbs up!!!

Big Sunday on Lake Urnersee. The “Föhnstorm” gusting over 50knots. It was a mega Fun session with the freestyle World Champion Yentel Caers filming with his helm cam. Windsurfing on 3.3m sails fully powered up is a dream.Balz Müller about their session on Lake Uri

Yentel Caers  filmed Balz Müller with his head cam in 50 knots of wind at Lake Uri in Switzerland – Video