“Not so far” is a video by David Bensussan. He and Antoine Albert from New Caledonia, who actually lives in France, drove from Marseille more than 1400 km to Galicia. It was a 15 hour long drive, but it paid off in the end. It’s “not so far” compared to a trip around the globe, but it’s a long drive and the boys had to return to Marseille, too. Almost 3000 km. Galicia is the most north western region of Spain. Hundreds of pilgrims arrive at Santiago de Compostela each day, more than 70.000 in a year. But only a few windsurfers arrive looking for the world class spots at the Atlantic coast. Cabo Vilan is a famous spot in that region, but there are more than a dozen of top wave spots with powerful and clean waves, which invite to dream. The dream came true and they both windsurfed in clean right handers down the line. The video shows the rugged coastline. Although the footage is a bit shaky and they took out some frames, for whatever reason, we decided to place it as a highlight as it shows the pure soul of wave windsurfing.


“Not so far”, a search for waves in Galicia with David Bensussan and Antoine Albert


Produced by David Bensussan /  Total Riding Production