Dany Bruch, currently ranked 8th in the Wave World Cup, trained hard during the summer and released a clip with some of his latest action.

Dany Bruch: “After an average result at the PWA event at home, where I finished 7th, it was time to focus on the next events and give it all to improve many things, specially the Double Forwards! 
Off water training is paying off, thanks to the fitness center “Health and Sport” and my trainer Jonathan Pérez Melián, but also a huge thanks for the coaching of my friend David Rodal “Vilayta”, who helped me a lot to get over hurdles in many aspects! 
My gear, well what can I say, the new Ultrakodes from Starboard are the best I have had so far under my feet, but the final pinnacle are my new sails from Flight Sails, that are blowing my mind each time I use them, giving me the power, control and confidence to go biiig!! Bigger than ever! Thank you Flight Sails team! 
Of course, all this would have not been possible without the great support from my amazing wife Inma, that just gave birth to my son, Dani Jr. What a year! Yeeewwww!”


Dany Bruch’s summer windsurfing 2016