The DAMX event at Brouwersdam in the Netherlands was the penultimate event of the 2015 European Freestyle Pro Tour. For the first time in EFPT history a women’s event took place as well and saw Sarah-Quita Offringa winning the event in front of local Maaike Huvermann, Oda Johanne Brodholdt and Arrianne Aukes. In the men’s division it was Amado Vrieswijk winning the event in front of Dieter van der Eyken, Yentel Caers and Adrien Bosson.

The event was as one of our personal 2015 highlights, too. You feel the organizer loves the sport and they want to bring the windsurfing scene together. We spent almost a week at the beautiful remote place in Zeeland filming and editing the event clips. Tow-In is of course not our favourite discipline, but we witnessed some of the best Tow-In action ever and it was truly entertaining. It was a surprise for Dieter van der Eyken as well, but he showed the best moves and won the Tow-In competition in front of Antoine Albert and Adam Sims.

During the first day it was windy, but the wind disappeared quickly and only allowed a few heats. Luckily the wind came back from eastern direction, what forced the organizer to move the heat area outside and judge from a boat, on the final day of the event and allowed all riders to show their skills and finish the competition in the last sunlight.

We hope you enjoy watching the recap clip from the cool event. 


DAMX Highlight Video 2015

Filmed by Kerstin Reiger, Josh Willmot, Chris Pressler, Adam Sims
Edited by Kerstin Reiger


Results Ladies (European Title)

1. Sarah-Quita Offringa
2. Maaike Huvermann
3. Oda Johanne
4. Arrianne Aukes
5. Maxime van Gent, Jazzy Zwerus, Svetlana Martynova, Shania Raphael


Results men (EFPT tourstop Brouwersdam)

1. Amado Vrieswijk
2. Dieter van der Eyken
3. Yentel Caers
4. Adrien Bosson
5. Hugo de Sousa, Steven van Broeckhoven, Nicolas Akgazciyan, Julien Mas
9. Jacopo Testa, Youp Schmit, Christos Loizou, Rick Jendrusch, Phil Soltysiak, Loick Spicher, Max Rowe, Marco Vinante
17. Adam Sims, Riccardo Marca, Davy Scheffers, Antoine Albert, Jeremy Plüss, Mattia Fabrizi, Marco Lufen, Nic Hibdige, Nick van de Eerenbemt, Tim Ruyssenaars, Nicolo Tagliafico, Nick van Ingen, Mads Moysen, Mattijs Lasore, Remko de Zeeuw, Wave Antonia


Result Tow-In

1. Dieter van der Eyken
2. Antoine Albert
3. Adam Sims
4. Nicolas Akgazciyan
5. Julien Mas
6. Steven van Broeckhoven
7. Rick Jendrusch
8. Davy Scheffers
9. Adrien Bosson
10. Hugo de Sousa