Chasing Surazo with Marc Pare – The Reunion Ep.1

Marc Paré is chasing the Surazo wind in Chile. The first video of a series of three videos brings the windsurfing pro to the beaches of Matanzas and Topocalma. Watch some great action and beautiful landscape.

There were so many small moments that made this trip so special. But I think finding two of the spots we sailed and some of the people we met, such as Seba, a local surfer that make custom surfboards out of wood, whose way of being and life approach is absolutely captivating and unique. Not only was Seba incredibly talented at crafting beautiful surfboards by hand, but his passion for the ocean and his commitment to sustainability were truly inspiring. Seba was more than just a surfboard maker – he was a true artist and a wonderful human being. Marc Paré

Chasing Surazo with Marc Pare – The Reunion Ep.1

Marc wants to thank specially its partners: Fanatic, Duotone and Ion to make this trip possible, Red Bull Chile as it was a great source of energy and all his friends Vicho, Richard and Willy, who joined him on this journey.


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1 year ago

buen video jenifer